St. Mary's Luesalo

St Mary's house is located at Luesalo Training Centre owned by the Diocese. It takes 10 - 15 minutes by outboard motor from Lata the Provincial Headquarter, or 2 - 3 hours walk round a bay.

This is the only house that is very close to the sea, about 15 metres away. They have a new lovely chapel blessed in 2005. St Mary's is really far away in comparison to our other houses. It takes 3 days to travel by boat from Honiara and 2 hours 45 minutes by plane.


  • The islands within the diocese are far spreading in their locations. Sisters have to board a boat if they are making any mission apart from the island where the house is. Transport is not regular to this part of the country and boats make trips once after 2 - 3 months.

  • Sr. Lilian’s Kindy kindergarten

  • Sunday School in nearby Villages

  • Teach in the training Centre

  • Visit Lata hospital once in a week

  • Pastoral Counselling and Visits

  • They offer hospitality to sailors and passengers calling in there either coming from Honiara to their islands or from a return trip. This is very moving, because Sisters always welcome people who need rest from sea sick, hungry or need fresh fruit and vegetables for their journey.

  • The house was kindly given by the Diocese and it is very old. Not only that, but it needs to move a bit inland away from the sea. This is precaution for future.