St. Scholastica's Ysabel

This new house is at Havihua, Bugotu District in Ysabel. The land belongs to a kind family (Rev. Wilson Mapuru) and they accepted us through the diocese to have a house there quite near to this family.

This house is quite different from the other Community Houses, because it is far from the diocesan office in its location. It takes 6 hours by boat from Honiara, which comes twice in a week and if Sisters wanted to communicate to the diocese it would be through radio, or board a boat that comes around.

There are 6 Sisters who are living there and the house is yet to be blessed on 29th June 2007. I cannot describe their mission, because it is too early and they are still settling down.

The houses are made out of local materials to begin with, built by the local people. There is a water fall near the place and that is unique about St. Scholastica’s, except the place is remote from nearby villages. It takes 20 minutes to walk to the place from the seashore.